To Do This Week

1. Identify your team’s training needs 

Impact: Identifying your team’s training needs will facilitate the correct training that achieves your business goals & objectives

How: You can find out your staff training needs by completing this week’s template “Skills GAP Analysis”. 

2. Timetable regular staff training 

Impact: This ensures you have the right coverage within your team as training is taking place. It also helps you to ensure that the training can be booked with any third-party providers as they often run courses at set dates.

How: Now you understand your skills gaps you can implement the schedule of training to the rest of the team. Be sure to communicate the schedule and any requirements or expectations in advance and provide any necessary materials or resources. 

Good practice: training needs to occur every 3 months as a refresher. 

3. Gather Feedback 

Impact: Speak with the staff that undergo the training especially if it’s in-house training. This helps ensure that they are getting the best possible form of training and as such the organisation will gain further value from it. It’s also good practice to help your employees feel heard.

How: You can do this in the form of surveys, group discussions or ideally within any 1-2-1 meetings with the staff