Grow Your Business

1. Create a structured training matrix

A well-structured training matrix helps you understand current training requirements and identify training gaps or saturation in certain skills. Look at and define the roles and responsibilities in the organisation and conduct a risk assessment to include skills that are needed for future-proofing the business against changes in the industry.

2. Measure Training Impact

Measure the effectiveness of any training given against key performance indicators (KPIs) that are relevant to your business. Ensure you adjust any training strategy based on the results in order to keep it in alignment with the organisation’s growth goals.

3. Encourage Cross Training

Implement a policy or system which supports employees learning skills and tasks from colleagues in other areas. Cross-training builds a more versatile work force but also builds collaboration and problem solving within the organisation.

4. Reward and Recognise Progress

Design a system that suits the organisation which rewards and celebrates employee’s achievements in training. It motivates them to actively engage in skill development even outside of work which will lead to a more capable and motivated workforce working to develop and grow the business.