To Do This Week

1. Ask a question

Impact: People love to share their thoughts and opinions. Ask a question that’s relevant to your audience and encourage them to respond.  This will drive customer engagement and help with your ranking inside socials.

How: Create specific question posts on Social Media, most platforms have the option to post a poll for example.

2.  Share a personal story

Impact: Stories capture people’s attention a lot. They also allow people to feel more connected with a person or brand and can be amazing at generating engagement.

How: Consider why you started the company or entered the profession is there a story to be told there?

3. Leverage user-generated content 

Impact: User-generated content is a powerful tool that gives you a lot of content to re-share and use without being the one to create it, helping you engage with your audience and post relevant content frequently yourself.

How: Depending on the product or service you offer you can ask that your customers tag you in photos or posts that they do on their own social media. Alternatively, start a competition giving an incentive but have part of the entry requirements be that they post a video or photo etc.