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Social Good

Start Digital’s Social Impact In the Community

Our Culture

At Start Digital we believe in investing in a great company culture, especially a digital culture. Having a great digital culture means devoting your time and effort into your company & employees’ success. We believe in people and their capabilities to be successful members of a team within any organisation with the correct support and leadership.

We help companies take control of their digital and everything that comes under that umbrella, whether that be: staff training, online tech support, helpful resources, consultation & implementation of digital culture systems.

But if a great digital culture is going to work then the leaders of these organisations need to be open to these responsibilities:

Boosting individual & employer commitment to learning. Not just helping people into jobs but helping break the cycle of low skills & short-term jobs.

A system where everyone is able to tap into advice that will help them progress in their careers.

An open-minded organisation that will invest in young people and help give them the head start into their long career life.

Did you Know?

Our young people are discouraged from working.- A study conducted by City & Guilds found that more than 250,000 18–24-year-olds have been put off working for life. 43% said their education hadn’t properly equipped them with the skills they need to get the job they want. A further 29% claimed they struggled to get interviews, and 19% said there weren’t any jobs available in their local area.

13% of young people surveyed by City & Guilds are currently not in work or studying and a further 3% are economically inactive. This equates to around 859,000 young adults out of work and education in the UK.

Employers and candidates will be profiled prior to matching to ensure the compatibility is strong between the organisation and the individual.

Candidates will be trained in work readiness and subjects tailored to the business’s needs. Start Education pride themselves on preparing a young person for work and ensuring they are confident in themselves and the industry they are entering in. All learners will be taught mandatory digital skills to help in the growth and future proof planning of the business they are paired with.

By taking on a trainee into your business you will be giving a 16–18-year-old a head start in life by boosting their confidence and giving them the life skills to be successful in work.

We will remain focused on partnering with great, likeminded organisations that share our values.

How Can You Make a Difference?

By helping our young people in our local communities, we can create a lasting positive impact. For the last year we have been working closely with Start Education. Start Education is a training provider whose mission is to deliver the leading education within the Digital & Creative industry.

We would like to offer up the chance to any Start Digital Member to invest in the youth of the community by taking on a young person and giving them a chance in your organisation.

Members will be able to nominate a young person aged 16-19 if they know anyone who needs a chance taking on them, or they will be matched with a potential new employee from our most recent cohort of learners.

Employers and candidates will be profiled prior to matching to ensure the compatibility is strong between the organisation and the individual.

Community Support

Our community impact efforts are focused on these 2 key areas:

Youth opportunity support – supporting young people who are not in education or employment gain experience in an industry they desire to work in.

Organisational community support – supporting businesses give back to their local community by giving young people a chance in their organisation.

We know it takes great collaboration between the employers, the candidates and Start Education to successfully deliver this kind of impact in our communities and we are willing to put in the hard work to help in this process.