Grow Your Business

1. Consider why you want to use PPC

PPC is an amazing tool, but what do you want to do with it? Much more can be done with PPC than just advertising products and aiming to increase sales. Do you want to increase engagement? Gain more followers? Consider how you can grow your business outside just by pushing your core product/service.

2. Ensure you plan a wide-ranging campaign

PPC can get a lot of traction easily but at a cost. Building your PPC campaign into a wider strategy that has other activities supporting it will give far better results. You can use the Marketing ToolKits and Healthchecks to support you in designing these strategies.

3. Treat PPC and Marketing as a business expense and Budget for it.

Do you have a budget set aside for PPC and other forms of marketing? You need to start doing so if you don’t. When you start using PPC effectively you can start to understand how much needs to be spent to gain the results and return on investment you want, but it means nothing if you are not allocating funds to this. 

4. Have a clear ROI in mind.

As you set up more detailed strategies and campaigns you’ll gather more data from them. Start to look at what your return is from the investments made into your PPC and other marketing. We don’t just mean how much are you spending on ads compared to making from sales but consider how much time and other resources are you putting in compared to gains.