Social Media Tips

1. Use the power of Social Listening: 

You should know what social media platforms your customers use the most. You are likely posting on them frequently as part of that all-important Digital Marketing strategy! If your customers are on that platform, then they are talking on that platform too. Search the platforms for any customer feedback, any mentions of your brand or specific keywords relating to you, your competition or your industry and see what is being said. 


2. Check on posting frequency: 

Have you been consistent with posting across all Social Media platforms recently? Have you neglected to post on one or more? Perform a quick check on each for when you last posted and check that against any social media calendar or content calendar you have and ensure you are keeping with your targeted activity levels. Remember, posting regularly is important! 

3. Use all the lovely user-generated content:

When we do well our customers let us know in many ways. Social media encourages people to share details of their day and lives, there is a high chance that in their own posts and content your audience is putting up photos or content around your brand and products etc. Share those posts! It gives a nudge to your customer and its free content, win win.