Marketing Tips

1. Video Marketing:

Video Marketing is continuing to grow. Users and audience members have smaller attention spans than ever before. Video is being pushed on all Social Media platforms now, twitter recently increased the length of video uploads for their blue tick subscribers from 1 hour to 2-hour long videos for example. Start to experiment with video in your marketing and develop a video content schedule to help you plan the production, editing and posting.  

2. Check the balance between value content and sales content:

The content you produce should align with your marketing strategies and current goals. However, it’s important to remember that there are different types of content which can all work towards achieving the same goal. Are most of your posts pushing a direct sale? Advertising an offer? Look to find a balance between that type of content and content which supplies direct value to your customers. 

3. Develop a networking strategy:

Don’t forget to develop connections and widen your professional network. Having a strong network around yourself or your company allows you multiple opportunities to reach audiences you might not have considered before or had the ability to reach.