Digital Lead Tips

1. Set clear expectations: 

When delegating email tasks to your team, it’s important to set clear expectations and communicate them effectively. Ensure that your team members understand what is expected of them, including the goals of the email campaign, the target audience, the messaging, and the timeline for completion. 


2. Provide guidance and support: 

Delegating email tasks does not mean completely handing them off to your team members and walking away. As a leader, you should provide guidance and support to your team members throughout the email creation process. This can include providing feedback on drafts, answering questions, and helping your team members overcome any roadblocks they may encounter. 

3. Trust and empower your team: 

Trust is essential when delegating email tasks to your team. You should have confidence in your team members’ abilities and empower them to make decisions and take ownership of their work. This can help foster a sense of ownership and responsibility, and can also help your team members grow and develop their skills. Remember to recognise and reward your team members for their contributions and successes.